Surya Sankara Trading Pvt. Ltd.

Established in 2011 and starting its full fledged operations from 2015, deals in a wide range and variety of products in the fields of Engineering, Industrial, Consumables, Equipments, Machinery along with Engineering Services with an aim to serve the nation professionally in the fields of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering industries. Over the period Surya Sankara Trading Pvt. Ltd., (SSTPL) completed and undertaken Commercial & Industrial projects of national importance.

SSTPL continues to strive for providing reliable, efficient & cost effective projects to many local and multinational companies on turnkey basis. SSTPL is committed to follow engineering code of practice/standards for client’s ultimate satisfaction.

SSTPL proudly acclaims to provide the best services in Mechanical/Electrical engineering and can undertake the whole job. Right from the inception of the Engineering Services Erection, Commissioning, Service Support and Maintenance activity numerous intricate starts, this goes along till the completion of project. For the smooth sailing of whole work, the client as well as consultant is always found concerned about the renders of whole job and is rarely found satisfied with speed / quality of work and very seldom able to have a team which maintains the quality and speed of work. SSTPL’s line of product and list of references will speak of SSTPL’s quality and experience.

SSTPL’s commitment with client is also backed up by extensive technical support, after sales service and comprehensive level of stock, for immediate response to customer’s requirements.